The Modern Scarlet Letter

If I’m going to wear a scarlet letter, might as well bedazzle that shit.

Put it on me, yep right there.

Own it, girl.

What a proud slut.

You had sex, how dirty. You deserve to live with a scarlet letter now.

If we could brand your face with that we would. Love, society.

Throw you in jail, we can’t do that. There’s no law for that kind of booking.

We’ll just laugh at you, exclude you, shame you, shun you, ridicule you, talk behind your back, and never let you into any circles.

You and your bastard child are not welcome here.

Go somewhere else, or. Spread your legs again and we’ll double the treatment.

Now quit crying and put on your scarlet letter, bitch.

There you go, you’ll get used to it.

Now all the guys know who’s easy. Hey dudes, if you want to get laid, there’s a chick with a Scarlet letter.

Yeah, we know you were an honor student. Yeah, we know you were going to be a doctor. Yeah, we know you had aspirations. Yeah, we know you had dreams and that pretty little slutty heart.

But now you’re just a Scarlet Letter Bitch. That’s it. Nothing else. Now just go away so we don’t have to look at you.

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