Rally speech for caregivers/direct support professional

Rally speech for PCAs:
Good afternoon! Thank you for taking the time to come to YOUR Capitol today!

My name is Bridget Siljander and I am here with the Direct Support Professional Association of Minnesota, also known as DSPAM.

We advocate for PCAs and other direct support professionals.

I have been a PCA since 1997 and have a daughter in high school, who has CP.
As many of us already know, PCAs are critical to the independence of people with disabilities. And we need to have a voice! Am I right?

That is why we have DSPAM – a voice for DSPs. We work in collaboration with other organizations like the sponsors of this great event today, to advocate for strengthening this very necessary workforce. And the RIGHTS of people with disabilities! This is about EQUALITY today!

We are here standing up for our rights and the support that we need from our community.

Are WE going to be heard today? Not tomorrow, TODAY? Are we going to be heard today?

This moment matters!

Let’s educate our decision makers, so they can be informed and do the best by ALL of their constituents.

One thing we need is a RAISE, a RAISE for PCAs! And other direct support professionals!
(chant) A RAISE FOR PCAs!!!

We can’t do our jobs very well when we are not supported! It is time for a COLA! We are asking TODAY for a COLA!

(Chant) COLA!!

We can’t keep waiting on the basic supports we need! So let’s be heard today. Let’s talk to our legislators today, and regularly. Build that relationship so they know that your needs matter. You are a Minnesotan and you have a voice!

Have a great day at YOUR Capitol!

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