Invisibility Cloaks: Social Contracts We Make with Caregivers


Let’s not move for a minute.

It will take only a minute.

There you go.

You can’t feel it, but now you’re wearing an invisibility cloak.

You are now completely invisible.

Even your humanity is totally hidden, which is what we want.

And you won’t remember that you signed a contract with other human beings.

You are subservient to them, but will be called “family.”

That’s an emotional trap to keep you here. But it’s a one-way relationship.

Now let me tell you about this invisibility cloak.

Here is how it works.

When you’re hungry, we won’t know it.

That would just make us feel guilty and that’s no fun.

When you start to cry, we won’t see.

Not even when you weep.

Your breath may be faint, soft, like you’re not even there.

Almost inanimate like a statue you are.

To sleep, to dream at night, we will be unaware.

It’s like you don’t exist to us.

When your heart breaks because you can’t be with your children, we won’t have to be uncomfortable.

Because we can’t see you!

Life is good for us when you’re invisible!

Your humanity is not in our faces to reflect what we are doing to you.

We will never know how we killed you in the end.

You will silently slip away from within your invisibility.

Like a vapor into the wind.

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