June 16, 2012 in Europe

June 16, 2012 in Europe:
Early risers today, we were! We got up at 5 AM to catch a train to Salzburg. It was a slick process because we had bought our tickets the day before, and found our track. No stress, just grabbed breakfast and coffee to go. Imani and I got to sit down while we waited for our train. I overheard a conversation between two people about traveling and open-mindedness, and their interconnectedness. This morning, we noticed that the last of the partygoers were heading home. One woman, with her dress up so her underwear were showing, stumbled up to the train and limply raised her hand to the door as if commanding it to open. We sat across the aisle from four younger (maybe early 20s) women, who were still in party mode, but trailing off by this point. During our ride, I have been catching up on my journal and looking out the window. We saw the Alps for the first time! Glorious!

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