June 11, 2012 en route to Europe

June 11, 2012 en route to Europe

Today begins a grand adventure! Imani and I departed MSP at noon today for Charlotte. The plane ride was 2 1/2 hours and uneventful. I sent next to a man, who was going overseas for the first time with his wife for a wedding. The bride is from NYC, and the groom is from Sri Lanka. Spain was the chosen ‘halfway’ point for the wedding party. He told me about his family. Although he is technically an empty nester, his children live on his property, when she referred to as a ‘compound.’

On the flight, I read “The House of the Seven Gables” and snoozed. I promised my Auntie Jackie Reina that I would read this book with her before reading any other books. I think there’s a good chance I will finish it, so I brought some Rachel Simon books as well: “The Story of Beautiful Girl” and “Riding the Bus with My Sister.”

At the Charlotte airport, I saw Joe Jackson, father of the late Michael Jackson. Imani and I were having lunch at Bojangles, when Joe walked up to the restaurant next to where we were sitting — the Great American Bagel Bakery. I asked some young people sitting behind us, who were talking about also having seen Joe Jackson, if that was really him. They confirmed the sighting and said that there had been paparazzi and bodyguards.

Now we are on the flight to Frankfurt. Super excited!

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