Making memories

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On Sunday we drove to the cabin. In Finland everything stops in July and a pilgrimage to the cottages begins. Bureaus and offices are usually open but temporary personnel fill in and most things happen at a sleepy pace if at all. Most paperwork sits and waits until August and the return of the permanent personnel. At first I had a hard time adjusting to the idea of a nation in which everyone vacations at the same time. Vacation and free time is a significant part of the life style here. Common questions asked upon seeing an acqaintance in the summer is about vacation. Have you been on vacation yet. How long was it this year. And if it was under three weeks, you might hear condolences about how short your vacation was. But I have become used to this land of people that all down-shift at the same time…

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Book Update

I’ve been working on my first book, which is coming along pretty well. I have several advisers and reviewers. And I’ve shown the manuscript to quite a few people already. I don’t have a release date, but it’s any day now. It will focus on the socioeconomic impacts of disability and poverty from the perspective of a single mother. Hopefully it will educate people about some of the challenges the parents and single parents have raising children with disabilities in the community.