Miss Frigerio


With my third grade teacher, Miss Frigerio, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) when I was in her class, described what it was like, and who had already passed away (in a nursing home) in her 20s when I went back to visit just a few years later. I remember the love she showed her class and all the personality she put into teaching. When we consider stem cell research and investing in other medical treatments, we need to think of people like her, who died too soon, were dearly loved, and had so much left to give the world.

Life Span Home Plans based on Universal Design

Life Span Home Plans

Welcome to Charles Schwab Architect’s new Life Span Home PLan Designs Blog.These are plans based on Universal Design: Homes that work for people of all ages and abilities. Please comment on the plan designs.

If you see something you like please tell your friends, if you see something you REALLY don’t like,please tell us first by emailing charlesschwab@universaldesignonline.com

Our intent is to include YOU in the design process. You are the invited experts and we appreciate your comments that will be used as we develop new plans. All of these plans are available for construction/building permit and documentation and print purchase. We will update you on their progress as YOU provide improvement ideas.

We want to include you in the process. Please remember the plans shown are within a square foot range. Many plans can be made better or more “Universal or Accessible” by simply adding square footage. Please keep this in mind…

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