Super Bowl 1979

This is the blog of a person I have been a caregiver for for 14 years, whom I consider a mentor and dear friend. He has lived a fascinating life! Check out his blog, you will love it.

Remembrance of Things Past

In January, 1979, the Minnesota Vikings played in their fourth Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. I was teaching at the Thatcher School in Ojai, California. My parents were original stockholders in the Vikings, and my dad was able to get two tickets to the game. I invited David Lavender, who was director of development at Thatcher, to go with me. David and I have three relatively small schools in common: we were both graduates of Bowdoin College, we both worked at Thatcher, and we both held the same job at Carleton College, albeit 20 years apart. We had made no reservations and Los Angeles; our only plan was to meet some of David’s Minnesota friends for drinks and dinner Saturday night. Saturday afternoon, we left Ojai and headed for Los Angeles. We did meet David’s friends for dinner. After dinner, they went…

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